It can be hard to admit to yourself and to others when you are feeling low.

Admitting these feelings is courageous, compassionate, and kind. It is even kinder to take some time out each week to examine your thoughts and feelings with a therapist.

CHristin Bellian - therapist Boulder CO

You have taken a big step toward positive change and greater self-worth by taking the time to search for a therapist that is a good fit for you and your family.

Sometimes something in your life just isn’t feeling right, you and your partner are out of step with one another, or you wish you could face each day with a little more enthusiasm. Maybe you are facing a transition, or your family has experienced a loss. Perhaps you and your partner are challenged to navigate a life change together, or you just want to feel a little better about yourself.

I believe you already possess the resources you need to cope and grow, and I will help you access and use those resources. I will help you explore your thoughts and feelings and figure out new ways to experience your life.

Looking for a therapist is the first step to making a positive change in your life

Let’s take the next step of starting therapy together.

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