Accolades for Christin

“Christin is a talented and intuitive clinician and her clients have benefited from their time in therapy with her.  She is competent at building rapport with clients and creating a trusting, open, and accepting environment for therapy. She understands clients in a greater context and believes change in one individual has an impact on the entire system.  She is deeply connected to translating her knowledge of theory practically in order to help her clients grow and change.”

~  Joanna, Clinical Supervisor

“None of us had ever been to therapy before. We were nervous! We worried we needed to be polite and formal, but after a few minutes with Christin we realized we could just be ourselves.  We could show her who our family really is!”

~ Garcia Family, Family Therapy client

“Christin has been a wonderful therapist for us to work with. She makes us feel incredibly comfortable, is very personable and relatable, and has helped us tremendously with our communication. She recalls every detail that we share with her, which is really valuable in identifying and fixing recurring problems. We can’t recommend her enough!”

– Maya & Sarah, Couples Therapy client

“If you want to do therapy with someone who is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and an all-around good listener, then Christin Bellian is a good fit for you!  In these crazy times we live in, it is of solace to have someone you can count on.”

~ Bill, Individual Therapy client

Testimonials for Christin Bellian